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Pregnancy Care - Craigieburn Medical & Cosmetic Centre

Provide full pregnancy care

At Craigieburn Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we are proud to offer a team of experienced doctors specializing in pregnancy management.

During your pre-pregnancy consultation, your doctor will ensure thorough preparation by arranging essential antenatal blood testing, updating your immunizations, and providing invaluable lifestyle advice to optimize your health and readiness for pregnancy. Upon confirmation of your pregnancy, your doctor will promptly facilitate referrals for necessary screenings and specialist monitoring. Throughout your pregnancy journey, your doctor will maintain regular contact, complementing your obstetrician or hospital appointments with personalized care and support.

Following the joyous arrival of your baby, our commitment to your well-being continues with a comprehensive post-natal care plan. At the six-week mark, you and your baby will be scheduled for separate 30-minute appointments with your doctor. During this dedicated time, your doctor will conduct a thorough post-natal assessment, addressing any concerns and providing guidance on maternal and infant health. To ensure a seamless experience, please remember to bring your baby book and any relevant hospital documents to the appointment.

At Craigieburn Medical and Cosmetic Centre, we prioritize the health and well-being of both mothers and babies, offering comprehensive pregnancy management and post-natal care tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced doctors are dedicated to providing compassionate support and guidance throughout every stage of your pregnancy journey.

Experience personalized care at Craigieburn Medical and Cosmetic Centre. Call us at (03) 8362 7060 to schedule your appointment today and embrace a brighter, healthier future.